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Classic Universe Update and Change Notes

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HizliOGame - Team
Feb 11, 2018
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03/04/2024More powerful software has been integrated for battles.
28/02/2024The error code appearing on the screens of banned users has been fixed. Banned users are now directed to the login page.
Fixed an issue that caused points to overflow on the statistics page
02/01/2024Message Sending Update: Sending messages is now restricted based on ' 'Combat Level.' You need to have a minimum Combat level of 50 to send messages
26/08/2023The container event has been integrated into the extreme universe.
30/08/2023 (Thermonuclear reaction, Solar panels) in the academy have been activated.
01/09/2023An update has been made to the sources' reflection scores in statistics.

Resource swap with dark matter has been cancelled.

Asteroid activity is integrated to occur every 3 days.

150% update was made in investments in the alliance bank.
23/08/2023Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of an alliance planet.

The final limit of 50 activations when activating the Arsenal has been updated to a maximum of 100. It is now possible to activate 100 at a time instead of 50.
The maximum level for Officers and Governors has also been updated. In this update, the max level has been increased by 50% and 25%.

23/06/2023Battle Recycler; Cargo capacity: | Battle Transporter; Cargo capacity: 2.500.000.000.000
08/03/2023Alliance bank update.
06/02/202330% improvement was made in energy production.
29/05/2023The hostal sector has been updated, this update includes increasing the rate and number of arsenal materials, as well as increasing the number of academy points and dark matter.
26/05/2023 No longer sufficient to carry resource productions, Battle Transporter has been updated to 250 billion, and Battle Recycler's carrying capacities have been increased by 5 times.
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