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Classic Plus Universe Update and Change Notes

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HizliOGame - Team
Feb 11, 2018
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15/04/2024Dark Container opening increased from 100 units to 1,000 units.
05/04/2024Orbital Defense Platform construction has been activated.
03/04/2024More powerful software has been integrated for battles.
11/03/2024Academy points obtained from bonus buttons have been increased by 100 times, and dark matter by 10,000 times.
28/02/2024The error code appearing on the screens of banned users has been fixed. Banned users are now directed to the login page.
16/02/2024 Maximum bids have been removed from container auctions due to players with a large amount of resources manipulating auctions by raising bids themselves.With this update, each bid will result in a certain increase in resources, allowing all players to compete on equal terms.
10/02/2024Academy points obtained from Suprimo (Suprimos) events have been increased 10 times. Values have been updated from minimum 20 to maximum 150.
09/02/2024The Lottery update has now been arranged so that +100 Academy points will be added to the 4 winners in the lottery results.
06/02/2024Fixed an issue that caused points to overflow on the statistics page.
04/02/2024The production level of the Dark Matter producer "Particle Accelerator" has been increased by 3x
02/02/2024Orbital Defense Platform has been deactivated, it cannot be built.
The chance to obtain between 1 and 500 antimatter and between 1 and 500 academy points has been added to each asteroid. These values can range from 1 to 500. For example: 256 can be found, or 110 can be found.

The Academy point exchanges have been closed. They can only be obtained and procured in the universe
04/01/2024An auction system has been added where Arsenals can be obtained.

Message Sending Update: Sending messages is now restricted based on ' 'Combat Level.' You need to have a minimum Combat level of 50 to send messages.
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